Carpet is a wonderful and comfortable flooring option for many homes. However, because carpet is a porous surface, its fibers can often hide disturbing amounts of dirt, debris, dust, and grime. Vacuuming and spot cleaning are great everyday cleaning strategies, but is your regular cleaning really getting as deep into your carpet as you would like? Perhaps it’s time to consider a complete, professional carpet cleaning solution — steam cleaning.

Steam Cleaning for a Deeper Level of Clean

Hot water and steam get deeper into your carpet than any vacuum could ever reach, removing stubborn stains and grime buildup in the carpet fibers themselves. Great for homes with kids and pets, steam cleaning is an effective carpet cleaning method that can also remove that pesky pet hair and virtually any stain left behind by children.

Safely Prolong the Life of Your Carpet and Upholstery

Greatly improving the overall appearance of your carpet, steam cleaning is the answer to prolonging the lifespan of your carpet. Hot water and steam are a powerful way to remove stains and grime, but they are also gentle on your carpet and there is very little chance of discoloration when compared to shampoo cleaning. Because no chemicals are used, there is no funky residue left over or chemicals to trigger allergic reactions. Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly and allergy-safe method for getting a thorough clean without the risk of bringing dangerous chemicals into your home.

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With more than 30 years of industry experience, Tri R Steamer is the leading carpet cleaning company in northeastern Indiana. Offering competitive prices, friendly service, and a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee, we seek to exceed expectations at all times.

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